DJ RIPM plays with many artists. Below is sample of what I do. If you are ready to get started, let’s go!

Dj Lo 2
DJ Rkade
DJ Rkade

sf1Shane “SF1” Franklin is a Denver School of The Arts graduate. He continued his education at Berklee College of Music before heading back to Colorado to pursue his music career. We do an amazing set mixing congo’s and other percussion live. He is also an amazing tap dancer.

body_poetsThe Body Poets are an eclectic group of dancers who come together for the sole purpose of entertaining. This group of top notch street dancers consist of hip hop dancers, bboys, poppers, and even a tap dancer. They have managed to harness the raw energy of street performance and dress it up for the stage with their signature spandex costumes and the use of lasers and LED lights. Their electrifying performances on America’s Got Talent stunned The judges “That was incredibly impressive, the dancing was great” -Howie Mandel “That was smart and clever, and felt very contemporary” -Peirce Morgan. Whether its a good ol’ fashion routine done to the sounds of Frank Sinatra or a futuristic dance experience with lights and lasers, The Body Poets can do it all, bringing a level theatrics and artistry that street dance has never seen before.

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